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Do not disregard your child’s desire to sail. Our students who successfully complete a semester will establish an incredibly strong bond with the sea, wind and sailing on top of receiving a certificate. If you want your child to develop a passion for sailing; fill in our registration form for our Istanbul Sailing Club, Sailing School sailing trainings right away.

The 1st Term will be held with a one-week interval due to the Eid holiday.
6th Term Reinforcement and Winter School Preparation
27 June - 01 July Eid holiday

How did you first hear about the Ana Yelken organization?

An acquaintance suggested it.

Payment information

İYK Sailing School: 15.750 TL (including VAT)
* Meals are included in the price.

The VAT rate is 8%. 5% discount is applied for all cash payments.

Anayelken Spor Education and Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti.

Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB)
IBAN: TR20 0003 2000 0000 0044 6372 15

Receipt Description

2023 Sailing School Fee must be written by choosing one of the phrases Trainee Name / Term /.

Health Form

Health CV

The following information must be filled in by the trainee's family or guardian.


Please describe reactions of allergies and reaction management.

Please list

Please list

Medication Intake

Please take all medications regularly; List with dosages and times.

Private health insurance

Last Vaccination Dates

Please indicate when the trainee was vaccinated against tetanus. In case of doubt, our camp doctor will give a tetanus shot.

General Health Status

In order for the counselors to get to know the trainee better, you can also include a letter stating the trainee's physical, emotional and behavioral status.

Authorization for Necessary Treatment and First Aid

In cases where an emergency medical intervention is required to the camper, we authorize the camp management to decide on any necessary intervention until his parents or guardian reach the medical institution.