Ana Yelken - Çocuk Yelken Eğitimi
A bay reserved only for sailors, a
windswept summer.
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Empowered by Wind, Inspired by Sea!

It is very hard to put our feelings into words while we are on the sea and accelerating with wind force. We could only express our feelings by enabling other people to experience them. So we came together to share this passion and teach sailing to new generations. In 2011, we established Ana Yelken with our trainers who do not regard sailing just as sports, live every day of their lives with their passion for sailing, and have experience as coaches and directors at home and abroad. We wanted people of all ages to have this special experience and started to provide sailing trainings at different levels from basic to advanced. We also undertook all sailing trainings and camps for children within the body of Istanbul Sailing Club, the first sailing club in Turkey.

What’s In Store For You?


We provide sailing training opportunities for your children at Datça Sailing Camp… Our facility is located in a private bay reserved only for sailors and offers trainings for your children to discover their passion for sailing.


Sailing training, windsurfing, canoeing, swimming, camping, nature excursions, team sports and problem solving activities, delicious and natural food.


We train new sailors by instilling self-discipline and planning skills with our experienced trainers, who have domestic and international achievements, live every day with a passion for the sea, wind and sailing and our world-class curriculum.


Rüzgâr Sörfü, kano, yüzme, kamp, doğa gezileri, takım aktiviteleri, lezzetli doğal beslenme


Dünya standartlarındaki müfredat ile öğrencilerine öz disiplin aşılıyorlar.


They will fall in love with sailing at the special bay reserved for sailors in Datça Sailing Camp, where we have a training track and camping area. They can attend both summer and winter sailing trainings.


Our sailing training Dinghy for your children consist of world-famous brands such as Hartley 10, Hartley 12, Laser, Optimist, RS Cat 16, RS Feva, RS Tera. All of our Dinghy are well-maintained, sturdy, hygienic and reliable.


Eğitimlerimiz dünyaca meşhur markalara sahip bakımlı, sağlam ve güvenilir teknelerle yapılıyor.

Our Sailing Camps!


Sailing Camp

A bay reserved only for sailors,
a windswept summer.
For all trainings and detailed information, fill out and send the form and we will get back to you.


Age Limit in Trainings
All children and teenagers between the ages of 7 and 16 can participate in sailing trainings.
Program Content

Our classes are held between 09.00-16.00 on weekdays for 2 weeks.

00: Meeting at the club

30-10.00: Preparing to sail*

30-12.00: Practicing in sea

00-13.00: Lunch

00-15.30: Practicing in sea

30-15.45: Assembling of the Dinghy

00: Leaving the club

Required Materials (Summer)

Sports Bag Must-haves

Sailing/surfing lycra (lycra t-shirt)

Personal life jacket (provided by the sailor)

Sea shoes


Helmet (not required)

Sea shorts

Water bottle





Spare underwear and spare clothes

Yelken Eğitiminde Kullanılan Teknelerimiz

07-11 yaş arası kampçılarımız boy ve kiloya göre tek kişilik Hartley10, RS Tera ile,
11-16 yaş arası kampçılarımız 2-3 kişilik kullanılan Hartley12 ve RS Feva tekneleri ile eğitim alırlar.

Semester Start Dates

Our 2023 Summer Sailing School trainings start after the end of the school year on Monday, and each semester (weekdays) consists of 2 weeks.

How Much Time Do They Spend at Sea?

The time the athletes spend at sea during the day may vary depending on the weather conditions and the duration of their training. Athletes practice at sea twice a day.

What Are The Levels Of Training Each Semester?
At Ana Yelken, our trainings start from scratch every semester. Athletes who enroll in the 2nd semester reinforce what they have learned and continue to progress and improve.
Our Sailing Training Dinghy
Our athletes between the ages of 07-11 train on a single-person Optimist Dinghy based on their height and weight, and our athletes between the ages of 11-16 train on the Hartley 12 Dinghy which are for 2-3 people.
We charge a fee for our lunches. If you want, you can bring your own food too.
End of Training Outcomes
They have basic knowledge of sailing and they can sail at basic level. They receive their training certificate after successfully completing 2 weeks. Those who want to advance can continue their training at the Winter School, on the condition that they have previously attended at least 2 semesters of sailing training in the summer school.
Our sailing training fees change every year. For information, you can contact us at our Ana Yelken phone numbers.

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