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Datça Sailing Camp

A Special Cove For Sailors, A Summer Full Of Wind

Swimming is the first thing that comes to mind when we say summer. However, everyone in love with sailing first think of setting sail on the sea. Offering these two beauties of nature together and combining the fun of the holiday with sailing, Datça Sailing Camp is waiting for new sailors this summer.

Campers of different ages from all around Turkey are exploring an adventure full of sea and wind at Datça Sailing Camp, regardless of whether they meet sailing for the first time or received sailing training before. In this camp, our young sailors explore themselves and their passion for sailing above all.

There are three components that make our trainings at Datça Sailing Camp unique: Our trainers, our special syllabus, and our wholly-owned training course.

Our trainers, who are committed to sailing with passion and live with the sea and the wind, further endear sailing to many young people in love with this sport and train new sailors at Ana Yelken. Our trainers, who have their names mentioned in the professional sailing world with their experience and success, cannot wait to meet new sailors at Datça Sailing Camp this year.

With Ana Yelken “Turkey Sailing Training Program”, we integrate the “ISAF Connect to Sail” syllabus to our athletes through the experience of Ana Yelken trainers. Our athletes have learned to sail with this special program offered at international standards and became good sailors.

Datça Sailing Camp’s special cove is what makes it privileged… There is no sea traffic in this special cove, where both the camp area and training course are located. During the camp period, all sailors only focus on the sea, wind and sailing.

H10, the smallest of the Hartley family, is a perfect boat for learning sailing with step in & sail away concept. H10 is a Rotomould and has a single sail. It is also extremely ergonomic with its high boom and deep cockpit. Its sail can be downsized according to weather conditions, which is convenient for beginners.

This Rotomould is a perfect start for children, the young, and adults with its deep cockpit, ergonomic design, retractable centerboard, detachable rudder, and sail that can be downsized according to all weather conditions. It also offers a pleasant navigation for experienced sailors.

RS 16 Cat, the new design of the world’s leading boat builder RS, combines comfortable navigation with speed, differently from other catamarans. It offers an extraordinary sailing experience.

Windsurfing is another way to experience the power of the sea and wind. An exciting start to windsurfing is possible at Datça Sailing Camp, with the most appropriate equipment and under the supervision of Ana Yelken’s experienced trainers.

Full Datça Program

Must-Haves of the Camping Bag

Datça Sailing Camp was designed with its guests’ comfort and safety in mind, down to the last detail.

The special cove and complex where our camp is located are used only for camping purposes. Our sailors stay in comfortable rooms for 5-6 people. Our camp complex provides opportunities for many activities with tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, football fields, and nature trails.

All meals at our sailing camp are both delicious and nutritious. Our camp’s special cook meticulously complies with hygiene and quality standards for the meals prepared.

The camp complex is protected 24/7 with tight security measures. Entries and exits are kept under control with cameras round the clock.

We insure all campers against all possible accidents. Experienced medical personnel are also present 24/7 in the camp area. We are also 10 minutes away from Datça State Hospital.

DATÇA Sailing Camp Training Dates

2024 Camping Prices

6 Nights 7 Days Camp Fee

52,800TL + VAT

9 Nights 10 Days Camp Fee

79,200TL + VAT