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About Us

Empowered by Wind, Inspired by Sea!

It is very hard to put our feelings into words while we are on the sea and accelerating with wind force. We could only express our feelings by enabling other people to experience them. So we came together to share this passion and teach sailing to new generations.

In 2011, we established Ana Yelken with our trainers who do not regard sailing just as sports, live every day of their lives with their passion for sailing, and have experience as coaches and directors at home and abroad.

We wanted people of all ages to have this special experience and started to provide sailing trainings at different levels from basic to advanced. We also undertook all sailing trainings and camps for children within the body of Istanbul Sailing Club, the first sailing club in Turkey.

We share our passion beyond expression through the sea and the wind. We teach this special sport to an increasing number of people with our experienced trainers at our sailing camps and schools